Day 7 #30daycraftchallenge

We’re up to day 7 already! Tonight’s is a bit cute. it started off like this Aaand this is how he finished! . this fella was for Kirsty and her love of pandas. Here’s some photos of him exploring the world, he had cuddles from Mim then she stole him to play and deserted him (do you like my new rug) so he looked for … Continue reading Day 7 #30daycraftchallenge

Updates and new steampunk bits!

Hey there all!  It’s been rather a while i believe and I don’t even have anything exciting that I’ve been doing instead sadly! Just been super worn out! Well as the title says I’ve recently put together a few funky steampunk style bits and bobs:  Here we go, there’s badges, hair grips and std earrings at the moment! I’m hoping to add more to this … Continue reading Updates and new steampunk bits!

Floral Range and Cheap Studs

Hello! I’ve had a couple of free days so I’ve spend them creating some cheap stud earrings: These are only £3 each in my etsy shop right now. I’ve also got a couple of brooches in my shop now: I must go and enjoy some game of thrones though, just bought series one on blu-ray and loving watching it all again! I will be getting … Continue reading Floral Range and Cheap Studs