Day 27 – resin pendants

I made some resin pendants today! Never done it before but I bought a tray if mould shaped and this stuff: I really didnt think ut through though and didnt think to use disposable items to mix it in! Och well I know now! Id say best idea would be to get a load of plastic cups! Its easy to use stuff you just mix … Continue reading Day 27 – resin pendants

New Designs!

Hello again, I had a bunch of items arrive today that I’ve been waiting for. Firstly my Moo cards: I have a code to get anyone a discount if you click here:  give it a couple of seconds and it will change to saying that you were referred, not sure why it takes so long though! maybe its my laptop. The second delivery was my earring … Continue reading New Designs!

First Batch of Rings!

Here is my first batch of rings for you all to see!   My heart rings, in various colours and patterns, plenty more of these to come as I rather like them myself. The back of them, the rings are adjustable and silver plated so no green fingers! Some blue swirly designs. And a few more! I have some very exciting mouse rings coming soon … Continue reading First Batch of Rings!