Day 27 – resin pendants

I made some resin pendants today! Never done it before but I bought a tray if mould shaped and this stuff: I really didnt think ut through though and didnt think to use disposable items to mix it in! Och well I know now! Id say best idea would be to get a load of plastic cups! Its easy to use stuff you just mix … Continue reading Day 27 – resin pendants

Day 7 #30daycraftchallenge

We’re up to day 7 already! Tonight’s is a bit cute. it started off like this Aaand this is how he finished! . this fella was for Kirsty and her love of pandas. Here’s some photos of him exploring the world, he had cuddles from Mim then she stole him to play and deserted him (do you like my new rug) so he looked for … Continue reading Day 7 #30daycraftchallenge