I have a (small) online shop!

So after starting to gain a pile of felted earrings and animals and such I realised to fund my love of feltmaking I should probably try to sell some of my creations. After a bit of searching around I found a website called etsy, it takes the smallest cut of profits and is really easy to set up. This is mine right here: ¬†www.etsy.com/shop/WasteOfSpaceDesign¬† I’m … Continue reading I have a (small) online shop!

Victoria Sponge – national cake week

Hey as it is national cake week I decided to make one and tell you about it! First up I did have a go at some spiral earrings as promised: looking a bit fuzzly in the picture, but they’re swirls! I also made some small ball earrings to match them: however my make of today was my victoria sponge, first time making one, I usually … Continue reading Victoria Sponge – national cake week