Day 17 – painting

Hi im sorry I missed yesterday’s post! I was at a baby shower after work so missed my blog! Iv made extra today to make up for it! I had time to get my paints out today and have done 3 hot air ballon pictures. halfway through painting the first Mim strolled across it, can you see the footprint? heres the red paw. .. little … Continue reading Day 17 – painting

Day 14 – swirls and stamps

No work today so my post is up earlier yay! I had a play with some oil pastels, turning my fingers blue in the process! yep more hot air balloons, they just naje fab pictures sorry! Those of you on Facebook will remember I orderd a very cute stamp recently,  it arrived today yay! I had a quick go when it arrived and decorated a … Continue reading Day 14 – swirls and stamps

day 6 more cards

Iv finalised my cards and their packing yay! I plan on selling off the first 75 of these makes cheaply as thats how much card I got to experiment with ha! then Ill use the favourites from these to create more luxurious cards sourcing some thicker card frames to mount my pictures in. Here’s tonights crafty pics as you may notice I had a nosey … Continue reading day 6 more cards

30 Day Craft Challenge!

Hi guys! if theres even anyone still there after all this time! it seems my blog got a little lost so I’ve decided to do a 30day craft challenge to get it all going again and get some inspiration! So basically I have to make something new everyday and I shall be sharing my makes on here as well as here: and here: twitter: … Continue reading 30 Day Craft Challenge!