Day 30! The end!

Its the last day of my #30daycraftchallenge crazy stuff! I have just finished my snood in time yay! Im rather happy with how neat my crocheting is! Thanks everyone for following my challenge ill still update with posts on my makes, maybe just not everyday! I think ill be focusing on on getting a range of cards made! For those of you who made it … Continue reading Day 30! The end!

Day 27 – resin pendants

I made some resin pendants today! Never done it before but I bought a tray if mould shaped and this stuff: I really didnt think ut through though and didnt think to use disposable items to mix it in! Och well I know now! Id say best idea would be to get a load of plastic cups! Its easy to use stuff you just mix … Continue reading Day 27 – resin pendants

Day 26 – hat!

After struggling with a curtain hook last night I got a new crochet hook and sped through the hat, its no wonder! The stiches are somehow different! You can see how tight the top of the hat is Well apparently a curtain hook makes funky stiches ha! Anyway heres some pics of the finished product Only a few days left! My moulds and resin has … Continue reading Day 26 – hat!

Day 24 – creepy animals

Well sadly part of this challenge means that even if what I made is awful I must show you it! I had a play with watercolours tonight and I basically created some creepy animals. So sorry about those! I did a few other doodles too though Well there we have it, tonight didnt produce any wonders im afraid! Hopefully tomorrow will! Continue reading Day 24 – creepy animals

Day 21- nail art

ok so this may be a little on the edge of the rules of my #30daycraftchallenge but I bought these yesterday reduced to £3.60 from £12 at accessorize they have a pretty awesome sale on actually! Anyway I’ve had a play with these for tonights #dailymake its allowed right? heres me attempting to draw a straight line ok so I dont have the steadiest hand … Continue reading Day 21- nail art