New Bits and Bobs

I’ve not posted for a while, how neglectful of me!

I’ve been creating a few new things, the first of which is my Robin necklace:



This one will just be around for the remainder of the Christmas season so snap him up! I only have a few bits of Christmas stock left in my etsy shop now.


Here is my cluster necklace including a duck a snowflake and a postcard:



I found a few charms that i rather like to have bought a few of them to put on necklaces.

here is a different ball of wool necklace:

SAM_1137and the earrings which match:



The last of my new arrivals is the first keyring to go up in my etsy shop!

SAM_1126A Mouse! he could be a keyring or a bag charm or whatever you like.

I finally decided to light my snowman candle:


my gran bought him last year and I thought it was too cute to melt, but I got over that haha.

I have also been enjoying my giant advent calander! me and Chris bought alternate days for each other, this was one of mine:

stampsI did enjoy playing with them all dayI must say!








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