New Designs!

Hello again, I had a bunch of items arrive today that I’ve been waiting for.

Firstly my Moo cards:

I have a code to get anyone a discount if you click here:  give it a couple of seconds and it will change to saying that you were referred, not sure why it takes so long though! maybe its my laptop.

The second delivery was my earring tree:


and obviously I had to make a bundle of earrings to go on it, including a couple of Christmassy ones, may favourite being the mini penguins!


There will be a pair of these available in my etsy shop in the next hour or so, don’t miss them!

To add even more to my productive day I have some more rings!


and a couple more:


My jewellery is very soon going to be displayed and available to buy at the Newgate Coffee Bar in York, so anything you see on here but not in my etsy shop is likely to be for sale there.

I’m aware I have not yet made a cake with bananas instead of eggs, it will happen don’t you worry.





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