Buy Me at Newgate Coffee

Helloo we are now available to buy at Newgate Coffee Bar in York city centre! This is my little stand, I apologise for the bad quality I took this on my phone. There will soon be keyrings and necklaces available here too! These are my newest creation:   I’m not sure if they’re better with or without wings, so they’re both available. one pair has … Continue reading Buy Me at Newgate Coffee

New Designs!

Hello again, I had a bunch of items arrive today that I’ve been waiting for. Firstly my Moo cards: I have a code to get anyone a discount if you click here:  give it a couple of seconds and it will change to saying that you were referred, not sure why it takes so long though! maybe its my laptop. The second delivery was my earring … Continue reading New Designs!

First Batch of Rings!

Here is my first batch of rings for you all to see!   My heart rings, in various colours and patterns, plenty more of these to come as I rather like them myself. The back of them, the rings are adjustable and silver plated so no green fingers! Some blue swirly designs. And a few more! I have some very exciting mouse rings coming soon … Continue reading First Batch of Rings!

Another unusually coloured animal creation

Hello again,  I have finished my first Christmas penguin! Isn’t he just the cutest, these will be up on my shop very soon. whilst waiting for my shopping to be delivered today I decided I wanted to bake something…but I had little ingredients in. I decided to make a flapjack, using porridge oats, butter, golden syrup and a tin of raspberries. The last seems an … Continue reading Another unusually coloured animal creation

I have a (small) online shop!

So after starting to gain a pile of felted earrings and animals and such I realised to fund my love of feltmaking I should probably try to sell some of my creations. After a bit of searching around I found a website called etsy, it takes the smallest cut of profits and is really easy to set up. This is mine right here:  I’m … Continue reading I have a (small) online shop!

Christmas colours! (Sorry…I know it’s too early)

Well the shops all have Christmas cards in and I got a little excited so decided to use up some Red and Green to see what patterns I could create for Christmas themes earrings! I think my spirals have been improving! Also in relation to my previous cake post…we ate it all already, how awful is that! so eventhough it’s national cake week I think … Continue reading Christmas colours! (Sorry…I know it’s too early)

Victoria Sponge – national cake week

Hey as it is national cake week I decided to make one and tell you about it! First up I did have a go at some spiral earrings as promised: looking a bit fuzzly in the picture, but they’re swirls! I also made some small ball earrings to match them: however my make of today was my victoria sponge, first time making one, I usually … Continue reading Victoria Sponge – national cake week

Earring Stands Arrived!

Just a quick hello today to show you my new stands I found some cheap flat-pack stands online and they have arrived yay! Sadly the smaller one is abour 2mm too short as the earrings touch the floor whilst on it 😦 plus they’re too chunky to hang directly next to each other, but I thought they would be when I bought them anyway. The … Continue reading Earring Stands Arrived!

Hello world!

  Hey I’m finally starting a blog to put all of my arty bits in one place. I like to try so many different things that it’s hard to categorize them all so this is going to contain my paintings/ drawings/ felted creations and perhaps some of my baking. Hopefully I shall be selling some of my felted products soon also! So hello, I’m Jess I have … Continue reading Hello world!